Butcher Row Studios

New kit

Posted by Leaf Troup on Wednesday, 18th July 2012

A quick update on a few new bits of kit we've acquired in the last month or 2.

First up we've bought ourselves an Electrovoice RE20:

Electrovoice RE20

The first time we heard this mic on a kick drum, we knew we had to have one. Equally great on vocals and bass guitars as well as being a great mic for voiceovers due to it's lack of proximity effect and condesner like sensitivity. We're excited to add this little beauty to our mic collection.


Second up we've got a new TLAudio channel strip:

TLAudio 5051

A VP-5051 valve channel strip that contains EQ, gating and compression. Great for warming up vocals, or any other individual sound source. Also great for making decisions before laying sound waves to tape (these days with computers you have too many options, sometimes we think it's good to commit your processing to tape from the outset......)


We've also just bought 3 more pairs of these:


Can never have enough pairs of DT100s....


Additionally we've now also got air con in the control room. This is a big one for the engineers!! Those valve preamps get very hot! Although it hasn't got the true summer test out we had hoped for....where's the  blooming sun this year!